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Judgment Enforcement


What is it? 

Judgment Enforcement is a term used to describe someone who gets a civil judgment paid. These people typically use a variety of tools such as wage or bank garnishments to ensure the debtor (the person who the judgment is awarded against) pays.

How is it relevant to me as a landlord?

As a landlord you will inevitably evict a non-paying tenant. You, will of course, want the court to side with you on your claim to remove the tenant as well as order them to pay you the money they owe in back rent or damages. If you use our Eviction and Judgment Enforcement manual, the likelihood of winning your claim is high; you'd also know that the small claims court cannot force the debtor to repay you. You must either figure how to get them on your own to pay OR you pay a enforcement company to do it for you. 

What do you mean pay an enforcement company?

The industry standard for judgment enforcement professionals is to charge their clients a fee in order to take on their judgment. That standard is 50% of the total amount recovered or they will low ball you to purchase your judgment for pennies on the dollar. If you have a judgment for $1000 instead of doing a little bit of work yourself you are giving up half (or more) of the money you were owed. That is just plain CRAZY!

Nearly all judgments awarded in civil cases accrue post judgment interest. This interest varies greatly, the point is that its not just $1000 after a few weeks, months, or years. Depending on the rate the judgment amount can quickly increase. 

 Screenshot from Educating Landlords Property Manager (ELPM)'s Judgment tab. 

Screenshot from Educating Landlords Property Manager (ELPM)'s Judgment tab. 

The example above shows that in a short years time that small judgment amount has accrued $187.15 in interest. 

Why should I enforce myself?

You wouldn't let a tenant stay in your property for free. So why should you give away half or more of that rental income to a third-party collector? Our Eviction and Judgment Enforcement manual provides all the knowledge you will need to do the job yourself. There are tips of the trade, (secrets the enforcers don't want others to know) resources, and more.

Educating Landlords Property Manager (ELPM) comes with all the documents you will need to get your judgment paid in full yourself they include wage garnishment forms, payment plans, statement reminders, debtor locator forms, etc. The screenshot above shows the Judgment tab calculating the up-to-date judgment amount. Don't give away your money to a third-party company, let us help you keep that cash in your pocket, where it belongs!