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Educating Landlords Property Manager (ELPM)



Are you a landlord that is hands own? Not willing to pay for over priced software or those monthly fees for something you can do yourself. EPLM is your solution.

Designed for landlords who do their own property management, includes all the tools necessary to manage and rent all your properties. ELPM is the easiest to learn software and is backed by our #1 client support team.

ELPM is a software designed for landlords by a true landlord with over 20 years of experience. When using this program you'll quickly discover all the tools you need for your properties, tenants, accounting, evictions, judgment collections and much more. Unbelievably easy to manage all your tenants & properties, record payments, track rent due and keep everything accessible in one convenient place.

What makes ELPM different than any other software on the market today is the landlord is able to go through the entire rental process from start to finish. From providing the rental application to potential tenants, to the rental lease agreement, and helping you enforce your judgment awarded from the courts (if you evict your tenant or damage your rental property).

Educating Landlords Property Manager's features include:

Manage Tenants & Properties

Store everything about your tenants, leases, & properties in one program. Keep track of contact history, lease expiration's, move-outs and a lot more.

Collect Payments & Track Expenses

Record rental payments and late fees, print or email invoices and receipts, and track income & expenses in an easy to use ledger.

Prepare Work Orders

Keep an eye on maintenance and repair issues. Create work orders and send them directly to your vendors and contractors.

Send Forms & Letters

Create an unlimited number of documents or choose from pre-built templates. Personalize with insertable fields from the database.

Complete Suite of Reports

Accounting and rent roll, payment histories, full statements, invoices, receipts, work order details, and much more.

Keep your records

Quickly and easily back-up your program and restore it when you need.

Judgment Enforcement

After being awarded a civil judgment you can enter the judgment details into ELPM, it will auto calculate interest compiled to date from the award date. Optional re-payment plans allow you to discuss with the debtor the amount they can afford, how long it will take them to repay to debt, and more.  

Educating Landlords Property Manager has so many more features download our free trial today to see just how it can become the only program you need in your landlord business.